IMCA Executive Board welcome Slovak Republic SVK as a new member to IMCA

Phil Holiday has to resign as Chairman of the Association and Nigel Winkley has been coopted by the Executive Committee.

After many years as a Class Association within the IRSA, the Marblehead (IMCA) class is now fully operational as an International Class Association.

The last part was the separation and agreement with the IRSA on an Associate Membership. This gives the new association the ability to now determine its own future including the development and promotion of international events like Regional and World Championships.

Registration is done the official seat of the association will be

International Marblehead Class Association
House of Sports
Talgut Center 27
CH-3063 Ittigen

we go now the next step to become Associate Members of the IRSA and take over the full role as International Class Association

After some delay regarding the COVID Situation the EC restarted working on the Foundation of the Class Association.

Attached the Constitution of the new Class Association which will go now to register the class in Switzerland.

IMCA Constitution

At the 2016 World Championships at Lake Garda, Italy, several interested groups worked on the founding and development of an International Class Association. This has taken some time to reach this point, but over the last few months great progress has been made with the help of key individuals to finish the development of the IMCA.

This involved the writing of an international standard Constitution to guide future executive committees and the development of a realistic schedule to turn a strong desire for an association into reality over the next 12 months.

The Schedule of Events

Dec 2019: Establishment of the Foundation Executive to oversee the next 12 months in preparation for the General Assembly and to assist the 2020 WC organisation in West Kirby.

Dec and Jan 2019/20: Invitation of prospective Member Nations

Jan 2020: Final discussion finishes on the future details of the organisation and it’s Constitution

1st Feb.2020: Vote on Constitution by the Foundation Executive and Members

Feb 2020: Establish the organization within Swiss law

Mar 2020: Publish the website and start a dedicated forum

Mar 2020: Agreement with IRSA for take over responsibility of the ICA

Nov 2020: First General assembly, including nominations and vote on Executive Officer positions

during the GA2018 of IRSA the proposal to establish class organization within IRSA failed-

during the world championship 2016 on lake Garda Italy again a fresh working group was founded to establish the class association

during the world championship in Gouda sailors voted for a group of sailors to develop a concept for an international class association. Unforunately most work stopped after arround 6 month. But there was the idea born to change IRSA to have class chairman for M and other classes

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