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The German Championship 2017 took place last year from 07.-09. April in Biblis.

It really was an international championship! 52 participants came from 8 nations. Including several world champions like Graham Bantock and Martin Roberts from GBR, many national champions like Remi Bres, Yannick Rossignol and Marc Alazia from FRA, Matteo Longhi ITA and probably one or two national crack I forgot to forget. Eight nations from Central, Western and Southern Europe, including real big names in the RC sailing scene, almost a Fast-European Championship. Henning and Nigel have successfully stirred the drum when taking part in international regattas and not least at the 2016 World Championships on Lake Garda.



Pictures by Walter Piel are here Google

Pictures by Andrea Horn the terrain and the "Schaffer", look in the faces, walking - talking - eating, ... well, okeeee boats were there too ...

Videos by Andy Finger Day 1 Day 2 Day 3

Pictures of Patrick from Bischheim Google

Aerial on the first day Youtube
The complete result
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