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two years ago we started to prepare for this event and now it's nearly time. We can not wait to welcome our foreign guests in Biblis.

club preparation

The members of the SV Biblis work for weeks on the beautification of the club grounds. Every weekend countless helpers are in the process of removing weeds, mowing the lawn, eliminating reeds and disturbing bushes. The jetties were improved, a new terrace was built at the clubhouse and tents were prepared. Special thanks to Birgit Hebling and Ralf Kratz from the board and the members of the club.


The Radio sailors in Germany also actively helped to prepare for the Worlds. For example, the tank for the measurement of the Ten Rater was manufactured in Düsseldorf. In addition, templates, checklists and tools for checking the boats were prepared. Special thanks to the builders of the tank Dieter Junker and Holger Schmitt.


Of course my family had to help as well. Here, for example, when setting up the 150 Welcome Packages for all participants and helpers or when sorting lists and badges.

Henning and the whole team wish you a pleasant journey

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